walls by loes van oosten

Walls by Loes van Oosten

Your wall is my canvas

Brighten up your home, with the unique wall designs, made by illustrator and surface pattern designer Loes van Oosten.
The wallpaper is no ordinairy roll of wallpaper. The design covers your entire wall and will be printed on demand, on high quality wallpaper, custom made to your wall in the colour of your choice.

The designs have a handmade origin and the patterns have no repeat.
Each wall design has a 20 centimeter white space around.
Some designs have a gradient and some vary in lenght.

Sustainable materials

Walls by Loes Loes van oosten are produced in the Netherlands in a sustainable way with care.


Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time (in Dutch or English) via my contact page or meet me on social media.